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I will be updating this with more of my opions and facts as it unfolds!

This page was created to tell you the FACTS about a FRAUD: infiniteautoparts (, now he has changed his Ebay userid and is going by i_wear_my_sunglasses_at_night! He's back after several months looking for more victoms! Beware, or more simply just don't buy here!!!

Click here to view the auction page.  NEW! 20" Wheels/Rims! 5x114.3- NO RESERVE!
Item # 1847800175

Here is an exact copy of the sellers ebay description: 

"BRAND: Binno


SIZE: 20" inch, 20x9

LUG PATTERN: 5x114.3 mm, 5x4.50 in.

OFFSET: +35mm

FINISH: Silver with polished lip


MSRP: $500/wheel ($2000/set)

Fits many popular import/domestic vehicles.
ACURA: 3.2 TL, 3.2 CL, 3.5 RL, etc.
INFINITI: I30, I35, etc.
LEXUS: GS300, GS400, GS430, ES300, LS400, SC300/400, etc.
TOYOTA: Camry, Solara, Avalon, etc.

I will do my best to answer any fitment questions.
But I cannot guarantee fitment, check with your dealer.

This set MUST BE GONE by Tuesday!
NO RESERVE! High Bidder STEALS them!


Here is what happened:

I sent payment via within his 48 hour deadline.  Including the $100 dollars for additional shipping and insurance.  I never received a tracking number.  It took 10 days for the wheels to arrive.  When they did I was not there my 61 year old father just happened to be over getting something from my garage.  He let the UPS guy put them in the garage and closed the door.  I came home and the boxes looked like hell.  The damage was not from UPS either they looked like they had been thrown around a warehouse for a year.

I opened the boxes and the wheels looked not Brand New at all. I took out my digital camera right away and started taking pictures. I emailed them to the seller. I gave him my phone number and offered to call him if he was worried about the long distance charges. The only response I received was to call me a Lying Fraud. I provided pictures allong with several E-mails. The pics displayed below are the same picture I sent the seller. He then proceded to tell me that he did not have a computer, so he could not have email corrispondence. I found that weird since he had more items for sale on ebay. I sent him an e-mail from another account and he was able to respond to it about the shipping. Humm, that is weird, he said he did not have a computer. So I called him on that and then I received E-mails from the seller. However, none of them offered anything but crude remarks and slander. There was no way he was going to do anyting but lie and not resolve the situation. He has his money and that was that!

After a period of time I recieved Negitive Feedback! As you can see here I have almost 100 Positives and Only 1 Negitive Feedback from this looser. Well I did the only thing I could do I responded with the information you are reading here. Now up untill now I had not left feedback for him. Hopeing to resolve the situation and be able to leave positive feedback. I am an Honest Seller/Buyer that believes in Feedback. I will leave positive feedback for you and expect the same after you receive the product or payment. I Pack Very Well and Ship Very Quick! All you have on Ebay to go by is Feedback. I am just an indevidule out here buying what I want to use and selling what I don't need or use. I am not a business or try to make money on here. I have sold many things and have always went out of my way for the buyer. Because that is what I would expect from the seller when I buy. & for the most part I always do. So he responded to my feedback and called me a fraud. He tried to post a link to a page on my website of the wheels on my truck. I love my truck and share my customization with all the great folks over at He must be new to the whole Internet, Web thing since he couldn't even get that to work. I do have some great pictures of the rims on my truck. I used the best one that was there and took the picures of me fitting the rims on my truck. Then I had to take three of the rims down to the local custom wheel shop to be refinished. That cost me $275! But I am not going to put beat-up rims on my truck. So after everything was said and done I have my wheels on my truck.






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