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Today I painted the Calipers 1200 deg Red.  So they look a little better!  I also got my custom SVT center caps for the wheels!

Stock: 16x7.5, 255/75/16     New: 20x9, 275/45/20

~~ Click here: I installed the rims before I went through the pain of putting tires on. Just to check for fit. They turned full turn with no problems! THey have great negative offset. Basicly the wheels are as far in as they can be! TIGHT! Click here for those pics!

Click here for Night Shots after they were just installed!

The wheels came with a Gold on Silver Horse head that I did not like at all. So I wanted a custom center cap. I turned to the fine work of Kustom Creations over at I had them make me a set of SVT Lightning replica center caps in the correct size for my caps.

Then I just removed the horsey head emblem and applied the SVT ones. I love them a World of differnce!