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Here is the much anticipated Black light Underbody Neon Light Kit install. I got my kit off of ebay from , They were GREAT! I had a problem and they fixed it Quick!  When the kit first came there was only one broken tube and nothing else.  I emailed them and received an answer in less than 10 minutes!  After a short discussion they were over-nighting me a new kit!  It arrived and is worked great!!!  I highly recommend this ebay seller!

Here is the well packed LiteGlow kit.

Unpacking the contents, Look at those two angels!

2-48" tubes, 2-36" tubes, Transformer, and wires

Checking out visualy to make sure no breakage:


Testing before install, all 4 tubes work!


Installed pictures:

Side 48" tube:

Rear tube, tucked between the spare tire and bumper, completely out of visual site!

Front 36" tube, I drilled two holes in the back of the plastic piece behind the bumper and just zip-tied it there:

To show the "Black Lightness" I took off my shirt!  Wooo Hooo!

Side, shadow is the running board.

In conclusion, I found exactly what I was looking for with the black light kit!  I have never been a huge fan of the neon thing.  But deep down inside I liked it.  I appreciate the subtleness of the Black light over the Bling-Zing of the neon colors.  & the effect of the black light is awesome when I pass over lines or run over someone in a white shirt! LOL