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Slotted Brake Rotors, from Explorer

I wanted to update my brakes from the wimpy stock brakes.  They just don't cut it when I was trying to bring Black Magic to a stop from high speeds.  I looked around and decided to go to Explorer Express again for quality performance parts.  I called John V. and he had the parts in stock and shipped them out the same day.  I received a heavy box a couple days later and couldn't wait to get them on...  

Post Install Update:  The new brakes are Awesome! It is hard to explain. Normal slowing and slight braking feels how it should. Very smooth and crisp. However, when I jump on the brake peddle Speed just Stops and so does the truck. Honestly when I was doing emergency style stopping from 60 and above it stopped SO Much quicker than before. Feels like I have twice the stopping power. Not to mention how great they look. The rotor has a coating that keeps it from corroding and rusting up. The bright silver matches my wheels great plus the slots add that Performance look!

Once Again Hats off to John V at  Fantastic Customer Service!  They resolved an issue with the wrong part next day.  They really do care about their customers!

Here is another reason why it is good to have an O1+ Sport vs. anyother Explorer. We have Larger Rotors than everyone else. The O1+ Sports have the same front rotors that the Sport Trac Trucks have. The Rotors measure a full 12" across. Where as all other models measure 11.25" across. Not a ton of difference but still made me happy! 

Here are the Rotors. 

After the struggle with removing the old rotor's I decided to put some Anti-seize behind the rotor and on the lip of the hat.

There is the front in all it's slotted glory!

In the above pic and below pics you can see it all back together.

Here is the rear installed and ready to go!

The new Rotor's look great behind my wheels!  It really cleans up the entire look of the truck not to mention the additional Stopping power!

The "Little Helpers" were out in full force to and were just dieing to get in a picture!

Of course Faith has to show off the "Fabulous" New Rotor's.  I swear I do not ask her to show things like this.  I think I have just taken her to too many Car Show's where girls Model & Show New Auto's.  LOL

Check out those flame Harley Davidson low cut boot's she has.  Too Cute!