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Here are the 2001+ Sport / Sport Trac Clear Corners. 

Factory and new Clear!

There are a few different color bulbs I was trying out.  So far I think I will stay with either the LED's or the Amber.  I like the deep color of the real amber bulbs.  But I do not like the color when off.  So I have ordered the Titanium Bulbs from

The Titanium bulbs have come in and look great! Pics Below:

Some Night Time Pics:

There they are at night

With the True Phillips HID's

With the Super White Fogs,  I plan to switch them out for Yellow 9005's for Nice looking Fogs!

The below pics are of me just messing arround and looking at different bulbs.

Above is the JamStraight LED's I forgot how much LED's suck!  That is the brightest they get, flashing!



Above are the Darker Amber bulbs that came with them.  I like the way they look blinking (below)

Above Blue off

Above Super White off

Above LED JamStraight 3157's off, Below is the light.

Below is the JamStraight 3157 LED - ON


Let me know what you think!

Below is the Amber flashing look how bright they are!

Above is Super White on, Below is the Super White Flashing.  That is nice looking when flashing.  But when they are just on they are not bright enough. MeThinks

Above is the Super White on next to the HID's, Below is the Amber next to the HID's.

Above is Blue on, Below is Blue Flashing.

Below is blue next to the HID's, Not a bad looking combo. I do like the blue, but I think it would get me a ticket very fast!

Below is FUN!

That is my 2yr old Daughter Faith Anne Marie.  She is in training to be an Auto Show Model.  She just said "Here is the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. It's a new design with...

Below: "Oh My God!  Is that the 2yr old DRIVING?!?" 

Below is what helps to keep it up and running.