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05-29-2003 02:46 PM

Also again, I won't tell the others but you have the best Sport on here and from what I've seen the smoothes/cleanest Explorer on here, I think that should be a fact and not an opinion lol

03-05-2003 12:36 PM
Your "X"

I dont know about you but i love when people brag on my car. I just want you to know that i have all of your pics saved to my computer, i have your truck as my computer background and my screensaver. You have the nicest X on this website, and of all ive ever seen. Its exactly what i would do if i had one. Oh and another thing your truck is the reason i have been stopping by the ford dealership after school everyday for the last month. I really want a black 01+ sport, but i dont kow if i can give up my car. I love your truck. And as soon as you take some new pics, or you have some i dot know about, you better send them to me

Hey I just wanted to say what a great job and service your web site has done for me and I'm sure many many other Explorer/Sport Trac Owner's. Your site is very informative and allot of the things you have done I was imagining but wasn't sure if they were possible. It all looks like allot of hard work and I'm sure you have had your days where you have had enough. I know I have. Anyways just wanted to throw prop's out at yea ( as the kids say ) And your Explorer is the baddest ass one I have ever seen. keep up the good work... Envied Fan, O'Coner Robinson

Black Magic: Great lookin' sport. I've been all over your site checking out the mods. Of course I am jealous of the wing @#*%! Best looking 20's I've seen on an Explorer. The new Sport/Sport Trac body style really sets off the larger rim sizes due to the heavily flared (and larger) wheel openings. I never thought much of anything larger than an 18" on a first or 2nd gen X, but the 3rd gen Sport really looks sweet with 20's. Especially a lightweight/performance style wheel. Excellent job!

My Version
I just want you to know that you have the nicest Explorer I have ever seen.

blackmagic... I know I'm a day late and a dollar short in saying this, but that's a damn nice ride. I'm impressed. I've seen some decent Explorers, but you've got them beat. Sweet ride... very clean... nice work.

Congratulations on your trophy! I also want to give you mad mad props on your work on your tri-pod a-pillar guages. You really went the extra mile in creating a tri-pod guage. I mean, if I was doing it I might have just left the seams showing from both separate pieces. But you went and blended all pieces together and got that special wrinkle paint. I would have never known of such a product if I hadn't have seen your posts.

Hi Matt, My name is Sonny aka M435TRO from Jersey. I just bought my first 4x4 and my first SUV, which is the 98 Explorer XLT, on Thursday(8/7). And I joined this forum on Friday(8/8). I've been browsing around this site and let me tell you man... by far your X is the best in any categories... two thumbs up for your work man..! And for that reason I believe you have a mountfull of knowledge about X. So i'm wondering if I ran into something I could e-mail or PM you and get some answers. Just to let you know up fron that I'm not really good with engine/tech stuff. I'm learning thou.. Anyway, I guess I have my first 2 Q's here...: