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You always see my "Little Helpers" in all my write ups so I thought I would do a write up on them.  Since this is not an adult site I can't show you how I made them but in the middle is their mother, Sarah.  She really isn't a little helper since mostly she just wants to know "How Long is This Gonna Take!?!"  But there is Tyler and Faith, they are who make completing most projects possible.  Little Hands can be very helpful, Most of the time!

Here is Tyler on my computer!  He has his own in the Kitchen (where I do most of my surfing).  So I guess we will just have to trade. 

You know Faith, my Littlest Helper.  She is a car show model in training!  LOL

Here are some updated pics, they grow so fast! LOL

Here is the most recient pic of them showing off my new Black Billet Grill...

Here they are helping me put on the new Explorer Express Slotted Rotor's...

They just got there "Serious Explorations" T-Shirts. Looking Good!

Here the Pacific Fire and Rescue has haveing an open house. Displaying their equipment.

More older Pics...

Here is Faith helping with the wheels.

The Back Yard Racing Circuit...

Here is Tyler in his Truck, having some fun in the snow!

Check out this Ramp Travel!

Yeeee Haaaa! LOL

I am glad that my tires clean out better than these! Crap if your tires picked up snow and mud like this we would have 60" tires in no time! LOL

Taking a break to build a Snowman! Little STL Pride!

Seriously, I have the worlds best kids! Tyler always helps me and can actually get me the right tools from the Tool box when I send him! Here he is helping me bring the Explorer closer to the ground

Faith is always there to carry the heavy boxes for me.