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Today as I was washing my Explorer I noticed a small tab on the windshield wiper.  I opened it and WOW, my wiper assembley just came right off!  I got to looking at it and found that it could be put on in any angle I wanted to.  So I remembered from a Mustang board that they have to go to great lengths to lower their wiper blades.  I thought what a great idea.  So I just put mine on at a lower angle than they were stock.  Here is the end result:

A much sleeker looking set of wipers!

First you have to have your wiper in the up/open position:

Then locate the little tab:

Then just use your thumbnail to pull it out:

Then the entire assembly just pulls straight off, leaving the post:

Close up of the post:

Here you can see that there is nothing to stop you from putting it back on in any position you want:

Then only thing holding the wiper on is the little tab thing:

Passenger side newly lowered   =   Drivers side is at stock height:

Both freshly lowered:

Another small customization of BlackMagic & the Digital Electronics!

Let me know if you have any questions!