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Lowering a 2OO1 Explorer Sport:
Ok, here is the write up everyone has been looking for.  To start off this is no different than lowering any 95-00 Explorer. 

First steep Lets get together your tools:

Socket Set and Wrench, Breaker Bar, and some kind of thread soaking stuff, like Areokroil or Liquid Wrench.

Jack and Jack stands.

The only things you need to buy for the job is the rear blocks.  I like the look of mine with 1" blocks.  However, somepeople want  2" blocks for the low lowrider look.  I was going for Sportier, so I chose the 1"ers.   I did not do the torsion bar flip that Godfather 1138 did.  I just backed them out to acchive the drop I was looking for.

I took measurements of the front center top of the wheel well to the ground:
Drivers side:                                                         Passenger Side:
You might have a difference like I did.  However, when you adjust you Torsion bolts you can fix this then.

Under the Explorer behind the front tires you will see something like these:

The Torsion bolts are the ones in the middle.  You might want to soak them over night, I just came out first thing in the morning and soaked them down, ate breakfast and then went at it.

I had to use a Big F'n Hammer to get the 1/2" socket on the bolt.  Then using my jack handle as a breaker bar I started backing then out.  I used a total of 4 - 6 full turns of the bolt to accive the drop I was looking for.  I am right at the bumpstops.  Not touching them but I can only fit a piece of paper in there.

I took measurements after lowering:


After you do this drive arround for a while to allow the suspension to settle a little more.  You should see it lower a little bit more.  I had to pull my passenger side a little more since it was a bit higher.  Now the drivers side is the same height as the passenger side.  Just above 31" now that everything has "settled down."

Before:                                                                   After:

This is after I droped the front and have done nothing to the rear.  That is next...

Ok for the rear I used the Universal 1" Lift/Lowering block kit you can get at any Auto part store.  They have 1" through 6" block kits.  It comes with new U-bolts, nuts and the blocks.  

You start by soaking the rear bolts, nuts in Areokroil or Liquid Wrench. Then start jacking the truck up so that the tires just leave the ground.  Then using jack stands you place them under the frame just infront of the leaf spring pack.  Once again just keeping the tires off the ground.  then you can unboolt the factory U-bolts.  then remove them.  Take you jack and the jack up the axle so that you have room to put the lowering block in between the axle and the springs.   The U-bolts have to be finessed to get them to fit.  You have to tap them on the axle and then squeeze them to get them in the shock plates. Then put the nuts on the bolts and tighten them to spec.  Check your instructions that came with the U-bolts for spec.  Then you should double check everything.  Making sure everything is tight and fitted. Then jack the truck back up and take out the jack stands.  Lower your Lowered Explorer down and admire your work!

The Block goes inbetween the leaf springs and the axle.

After lowering the rear along with the front.  Total lowering 3" Front 1" rear.  The look I was looking for!

I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any other questions please let me know!  I would be more than happy to assist!

Matt - Black Magic