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Possiable parts to make for Explorer's...

A wing for all gens!

Front bumper Light bar:


Front Smoothie bumper cover, all Gens..

1st gen bumper air dam that could be used to mold to a bumper cover, from Street Scene's, 950-70802


Mirrors.  Would have to mold a base to any 2001 Ranger side Mirror.

Some type of grills for different gens

Rollpans for 1,2, and all sports

cap to install on top to cover/fill roof rack.?

Projo Headlights, get projo's from wallmart and mold them into stock headlights.


Performance Parts:

Super Charger's

SOHC Headers???

Suspension Parts:

Anti-Sway Bars, All Polly Bushing (Handeling Packages)

Shocks for lowered Explorer's.  Bilstein shocks (Saleen Explorer Part Number?)

Put together a lowering kit that includes & excedes EE's lowing kit for less money.


Fiberglass speaker boxes.

Dash kits & steering wheel covers for all gens.

Other Crap:

Explorer Street Hat: