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Below are some pictures of my donor MG.  I bought is for 70 at my LHS.  I used it for spare parts and most importantly the Front Axle Assembly for my 4ws conversion.  Now I have all the spare parts I could ever need.

I took a bunch of comparison pictures to show the difference in a Stock MG and my Crawler.

Below you can see the difference in Clearance.

I have a full 1/2 inch on a stock MG

4ws is installed and working great!

Below is pics of my son's new VMG I got him for Christmas.  I painted up the Trinity Body and dyed the wheels for him.  Wrapped it all up in separate packages and he love opening all the parts.  After I put everything on and together, we took it out for a spin. This little thing Gets IT! Damn is it fast!

List of Mods and Parts:

Venom Fireball Motor

Venom 7 Hex pack

Venom Oil filled shocks

Venom Bearings

Swami servo mounts with Hitec 81 Metal gears, Kimbrough Saver

Venom Wheelie bar

HPI 8 tooth pinion

Locked up Diffs

Exterior: Trinity Body, Neon Orange and Blue

Dyed Wheels

Dyed all Red parts Black

Below are some pics of my Crawler in it's current state.  I took off the cani's to use the simple bumper mounts.  I am waiting on some different cani parts I ordered from a local machine shop.