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Here is the best pics to describe what I am talking about. 

If you press down on the top with force, don't be scared you will not break anything. And hell if you do just go test drive another X and take what ever you break.  Anyway, on to the removal of the rear speaker grill.  When you press down you will see that there is just a rolled tab that pops out and that is all there is to removing the grill.

There is the rolled tab I told you about:

That is how it is pensioned in the pannel:

That is what the top looks like:

This is what the bottom looks like,  the tab is flat and not rolled over like the top:

The flat tab should be on the bottom for reinstall:

Then just swing it back up and press down and in to the pannel:

That is all there is to accessing the rear speaker location so that you do not have to take out the entire rear pannels.

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