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Bass Pro Shops All Car & Truck Show
September 7th, 2003
St. Charles, MO MO Chapter Members:


Black Magic 01 & 98NASCARF150:

RDB2SCREW & f150 hillbilly

Ghostrider304 & Mr. Sandman

Here are some more great shots from the show of the trucks:

Here are the Money Shots:

kc7dji & 2nd place Trophy:

Ghostrider304 & 1st place Trophy

DB2SCREW with 2nd & 3rd place Trophy's:

f150 hillbilly & 3rd place Trophy:

Mr. Sandman & Longest Distance Travailed:

4x4 Trucks: 1st: Ghostrider304, 2nd: DB2SCREW, 3rd: f150 hillbilly

Trucks All: 2nd: kc7dji. 3rd: DB2SCREW

SUV's: 1st: Black Magic

Longest Distance Traveled: 1st: Mr. Sandman

On to Hooters for the Celebration!

Here is the Big Tire Gang:

Poor Mike, we had such a great time that he was crying!

Here is what everyone was waiting for; Trucks, Trophy's, & Hooters Girls!

propaganda02 jr:

Here is my Trophy: