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It was my first show and I was very excited. When I got there I was put into the Lightning & Modified Street Truck class . I was thought that was cool enough. But when I pulled back to the are where our trucks were at. There were some really awesome rides. A couple of Lightings and hot looking F-150's. I found my spot and turned around like everyone else and started cleaning up everything I missed yesterday. I busted my ass wiping every thing down and waxing everything that could be waxed, armoralling everything that could be armoralled, and so on.

Then after registration was over there was still an open spot by me so I turned around and parked in a better position.

This show was participant vote. meaning that you have to have a car in the show to vote. Also the sponsoring Mustang club could NOT vote at all. Keeping it fair.

I won 1st Place in my class!!!
Beating Lightning's, extended cab with a S/C and other awesome trucks! I am very proud of Black Magic!

Here is the assistant Mechanic and Crew Chief with the trophy they worked hard with me to earn!