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Well my Smoke Spray came in today from

First off I removed the lights from the Street Explorer:

Then I took off the silly electrical tape stripes I had on there from the other day that I was screwing around with:

I then taped up the holes in the back of the lenses:

I cleaned them thoroughly with Auto Glass Cleaner to remove any oily stuff:

I then taped off the reverse lights, I decided I did not want them smoked, or at least as much.  I taped over and then used a razor blade to cut it to exact:

Ready to smoke the tail lights!

Wait, there is Tyler and Faith to make sure everything was up to code! 

Them damn sandals!

Above and below is one smoked the other rare:

Both lights smoked about three coats of smoke:

I then removed the masking tape to reveal the reverse lights.  I pondered over putting a coat on them and decided not too.  I still have plenty left over so I will kick these around and if I decide too I can add a little more anytime.

Back on the Street Explorer again, looking nice!

Showing the detail of the reverse light:

Day time pic of the break light, (A special thanks goes out to Tyler for pushing the break peddle!):

Thanks for stopping by!