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     Ok I was wanting to do something else to help my Explorer stand out a little more.  I has always wanted to complete my Saleen look and have even purchased the entire vinyl stickers and all the emblems.  However the only emblems I could get or find were XP8 and since I have a sport with V6 I really didn't want to be like and American "Ricer."  No TypeR here!  I might have went with XP6 if I would have gotten them.  I do have basically the entire Saleen Suspension, even some of the stuff they forgot like "Polly bushings."  Since the XP6's were not Supercharged, I felt comfortable going that route.

     Oh well, I then though I would make up my very own model of Explorer.  Several things went through my head... Still kicking around the Saleen thing, then since I have a nice Audio/Video setup I thought about getting an A/V.  I even bought a COUGAR V6 emblem to get the A & V from it.  But they were too small.  Then I looked at VolksWagon new models and the letters on the rear of them are extremely similar to the EXPLORER on the back and sides of my X.  I researched and found every letter that was available by getting VW emblems.  I was really hoping to find the letters to make an URBAN Explorer.  However, there is no U in VolksWagon's lineup.  Then it hit me STREET!  So I called up the local VW dealer and ordered 2 JETTA's, a PASSAT, and VR6 emblems.  I used the S and T from the Passat, R form the VR6 (that also gives me a matching V6 emblem if I decide to use it.)  The two E's from the two Jetta's, the the last T from the Jetta, since it was already attached to the E it gave me the correct spacing to go off of to space out the other letters.

Here are what the emblems looked like from VW:

The letters are formed just like the EXPLORER on the back of my X:

I just took my little razor and cut the backing to separate the letters I needed:

Then like a ransom letter I put them together to spell STREET (notice the V6):

These are the letters I have left over:

The ET were the two that were together from VW on the JETTA, I used them to get the spacing right.  I just took a little Post-it pad and removed them until it was the width I needed:

I just spaced each one out, one at a time using a ruler to keep the straight, taping the bottom of each as it was set.

Then using the top sticky plastic that the VW emblems came on.  I put it on top of my new STREET emblem (notice the V6 again):

Then I went and cleaned the area where I was gong to put it with alcohol and cleaned it really well.  Let it dry and then measured down from the top of the black part on the back on my X and then transferred over to the passenger side.  Then I measured and marked for center.  Then lined up the emblem with the center line, top and eyeballed it.  Then I smashed it in place, very carefully of course!

Well, WA-LA, I have the worlds first and only EXPLORER STREET!