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Well I finally got the white gauges for the A/C panel to match the white Speed-O gauges.  I got the Nu Image gauges.

Installation was simple.  Just take off the radio surround.  Then I unplugged the connections on the back of the knobs and took the panel out so I could get at it better.  Then you unpeel the stock gray off.  Also while I was in there I found that there are just two 194's for light in the panel for light.  I swapped them out for 194 led's I had just to have them in there.  They did not make any difference in the color what so ever though.  Anyway, then you just peel the backing off the white and apply in to the panel plate and put everything back to gather.  All done.

Here are some before and after pics:

Here is a familiar site, the gray panel of the 2001 Sport and ST.


Here is the new white panel.


Grey with green lighting from the stock panel.


White with bluish white lighting from the new panel.


This shows the white speed and a/c.




Same angle with the screen up and, OH, Lookie there it's The Fast and the Furious.  On the far right is my little helper.  He really helps to make the job take as long as it can.  But I learn so much more about everything with him since he asks about every singe thing.  I think you can read his lips, What is that, Why, Why, Why, Why...


One last pic, a little better too.